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Wooster 1-5/8″ #10 Stencil Brush


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1-5/8″ #10 Stencil Brush

Wooster Brush Company manufactures the "Wooster 1-5/8" #10 Stencil Brush," a type of paintbrush specifically suited for stencil work. Let us break down its components:

Wooster: As before, this refers to the brand name, Wooster Brush Company.
1-5/8": This dimension shows the width of the brush, with "1-5/8 inches" being the size in this example. It implies that the brush is relatively wide and capable of covering larger stencil patterns easily.
#10: The "#10" represents the brush size or gauge. In this application, it most likely refers to the size of the bristles or the brush's ability to hold paint. In general, a greater number represents a larger brush size or capacity.
Stencil Brush: This category denotes the brush's intended use. 

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