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Wooster 2-1/2″ Silver Tip Flat Sash Brush


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2-1/2″ Silver Tip Flat Sash Brush

The Wooster 2-1/2" Silver Tip Flat Sash Brush is another high-quality product from Wooster, designed primarily for painting projects that demand precision cutting-in and edging. The brush's 2-1/2" width makes it suited for medium-sized areas, while the "flat sash" design refers to the shape of the bristles, which are organized in a flat, straight line. This setup allows for sharp, clear lines when painting around edges and corners. Like other brushes in the Silver Tip range, it is likely to have fine, flagging filament tips for easy application and minimal brush marks. Overall, it's a great option for getting professional-looking results on your painting projects.

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