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Wooster 6″ Professional Mini-Koter Frame


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6″ Professional Mini-Koter Frame

The Wooster 6" Professional micro-Koter Frame is a high-quality equipment intended for use with micro paint rollers. Here's what to expect from this frame:

Mini-Koter Design: The Mini-Koter is designed primarily for use with small paint rollers, which are typically 6 inches wide. This makes it perfect for painting smaller surfaces, such as trim, cabinets, or tight places, where a larger roller would be ineffective.
Professional Grade: The "Professional" classification implies that this frame is designed to resist heavy use and give consistent performance, making it appropriate for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts.
Durable Construction: The frame is made of strong materials like high-quality metal or plastic, ensuring durability and longevity even with heavy use. 

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