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Wooster 9″ Super Doo-Z 3/16″ Nap Roller Cover


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9″ Super Doo-Z 3/16″ Nap Roller Cover


The Wooster 9" Super Doo-Z 3/16" Nap Roller Cover is specifically designed for certain painting tasks, setting it apart from the previously mentioned Golden Flo cover in terms of nap thickness and potentially material composition. With a 3/16 inch nap, this cover is commonly used on smoother surfaces for a smoother finish with less texture. The shorter nap length allows for precise application and reduces the chance of leaving roller marks. The "Super Doo-Z" label suggests that this cover is part of Wooster's highly efficient Doo-Z series, which is renowned for its durability, even paint distribution, and easy clean-up.


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