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Wooster Camel Hair/Bristle Brush Assortment – 5 pc.


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Camel Hair/Bristle Brush Assortment – 5 pc.

The "Wooster Camel Hair/Bristle Brush Assortment - 5 pc." is a set of paintbrushes produced by Wooster Brush Company. Here's what every component means:

Wooster: This refers to the brand name, Wooster Brush Company.
Camel Hair/Bristle: This indicates that the set contains brushes manufactured from a combination of camel hair and bristles. Camel hair brushes are normally soft and used to apply paint smoothly, whereas bristle brushes are stiffer and more durable, making them suited for thicker paints and tougher surfaces. The selection is likely to comprise a number of brushes with varied camel hair and bristle compositions to meet a variety of painting needs.

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